Some of our recipients have lovely testimonies:

Clara Tan


“Before I met Sharpy, my perspective of the world was quite dark and lonely. I even felt like animals deserved to stay on this earth more than me. I was drowning in self-hatred and worthlessness. But during my session with Sharpy, all those thoughts went away as I just wanted give all my love and attention to her. She reminded me of how I really used to see the world, how beautiful life is. I thought the positive feelings would just vanish after a while, but surprisingly it stayed and served as a reminder that there was still hope for me.”




“Sharpy may seem like she’s just a horse, but she’s not. Without speaking to her, she is able to feel what I’m feeling and mimics me. That alone, is of great comfort. Sometimes I don’t even know how I’m feeling or what I need. But she just comes next to me to express her selfless love even when I was just another stranger. At the beginning, I feel that nobody understands and nobody cares. But after each time with her, my heart is filled with immense love and happiness. Side note: I’m a clean freak, but it’s worth getting my hands a little dirty just for Sharpy.”


Charlene Ng-Ong


“Today I fulfilled one of my dreams… to touch and talk to a horse. I read all about Black Beauty when I was young. Today I entered a new friendship with a white-faced majestic brown horse. Her name is Sharpy. She is 21 years old, an ex-racer. Now a full time “touch therapist”, she gives love and brings healing to her clients.

Her large brown eyes exude tenderness and love, with a squint of curiosity and consciousness as she checked me out. We got acquainted pretty fast as I brushed her gently. She seemed to love it as she lowered her eye lids in a dreamy gaze. I wonder if she felt tickled as I swiped under her tummy. She did not protest. I love her gentleness. There was a deep sense of peace and joy in my heart as I spread my palm on her soft skin with fine hairs. The lovely morning sun warmed her skin and brought a soothing heat to my palms.

I hope to see her again soon at Rainbow Wish.

Thanks to Audrey for this beautiful and precious experience. I will never forget those moments.” 




“I find this sessions quite fun as I’m able to play with the horse, Sharpy. Before the session, I was really skeptical and felt uncomfortable. I was really scared as well because I was going to touch an actual horse which is a lot bigger than me. But during the session, I realised that she is very gentle, very kind and cute. She was not at all hostile. I also learned a lot more interesting facts about horses that I’ve never known before. After the session, I felt happier as my mind was not thinking about any unhappy thoughts but thinking about Sharpy. All in all, I find it really interesting and fun.”


Melody Goh


“I didn’t expect to go near to a horse, much less make friends with her. Rainbow wish was introduced to me by godma because I was feeling moody all the time. Having horse therapy was like Sharpy mirroring me. When I was closed up, she also closed up and when I was sad, she was too. I remember how she wanted to snuggle me and love me. While having my therapy I just felt like there is so much I want to tell her and I just wanted to care for her. We somehow had a connection. She had escaped death twice and surely she felt abandoned too. Yet she wanted to love those struggling in depression. You are brave, Sharpy! I love you!”



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