Counselling Partners

Grace Mission


Grace Mission is a faith-based ministry, founded by Pastor Andrew and Grace Choo in 2011. Committed to being torch carriers of love and acceptance, Grace Mission spearheads a unique selection of programmes in Asia.

A signature partner project is Gracious Hydroponics @ Onesimus Garden, a local project situated at Neo Tiew Road, Singapore. Catered to youths with autism and Mild Intellectual Disabilities, it is a unique restorative therapy that offers respite and rehabilitation from sustainable farming practices.

Pastor Andrew and Grace are the founders of Andrew and Grace (AG) Home for girls in 1998, where they personally reformed and nurtured more than 1000 troubled teenagers in their 15 years of service there. Many of the troubled youths felt loved for the first time in their lives and go on to lead meaningful lives and contribute positively to society.


TOUCH Community Services             

TOUCH is one of the largest charities in Singapore where it has been engaged with the poor, the needy, the marginalized, the displaced and the troubled. Over the years, TOUCH has reached out to many individuals from all religions and races, including children, youths, families, people with special and healthcare needs and the elderly. Rainbow Wish is currently working with TOUCH to provide horse-assisted wellbeing programme to troubled and mentally distressed youths.


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