Audrey Fong


Rainbow Wish is founded by Audrey, a breast cancer survivor who suffered years of severe depression due to battling cancer, and experienced the amazing therapeutic effects of whispering to horses. 

Having personally benefited from the love of these majestic yet gentle giants, Audrey is eager to share this form of non-intrusive therapy with anyone who is in need, and who has exhausted conventional therapies. 

In doing this, Audrey finds meaning in her challenging journey, to bless others while still in the midst of her own struggles.

May this be your new beginning in discovering a new you – one who is precious. May this experience fill you with glorious hope and may you emerge with a healthier mind.

Dr Peter Tan

Co-founder of Rainbow Wish is Audrey’s loving husband, Peter. As the dedicated caregiver during Audrey’s long illness, Peter understands the challenges and heartache in caring for a beloved with a serious illness, and hence, dedicates his fullest support for Rainbow Wish.

The couple witnessed first-hand God’s healing powers and miracles in their lives, when Audrey was not only healed of a rare occurrence of simultaneous bilateral breast cancer, but they were blessed with a miracle baby at the end of Audrey’s 5-year cancer mark.  



Mickey Kay Troxell



Founder of the Pegasus Model of EAC/EAT

Mickey Troxell is a Nationally Recognized Addictions Treatment Counselor, Equine Assisted Counselor, Addictions Counseling Instructor and Continued Education (CEU)Provider. She has been practicing in the field of addiction for over 20 years and was personally trained in 1999 under Greg Kersten. Mickey is the CEO of Pegasus ECT (Experiential Counseling Techniques), through which she has provided Addiction Counseling specializing in Women’s Issues, Fears, and Spirituality as they relate to addiction, as well as Equine Assisted Counseling to Treatment Centers, individuals, groups and families. As a provider of continued education since 2002 for the BBS, CAADAC, and CAADE, and NAADAC, Mickey facilitates a variety of courses for Addiction Professionals. She was the Founder and President of Centaur College, where she taught Practicum in a fast track Chemical Dependency Counseling Certification Program. She is the Founding Counselor of the Equine Program at Newport Academy, and Founder of CTHA (Certified Therapy Horse Association) and NACPET (National Association of Certified Professionals of Equine Therapy), Inc., non-profit certification boards that have specifications in their mission statements to provide no cost and sliding scale equine assisted counseling to at risk youths, low income families, Native Americans and Veterans. Previously, Mickey was co-owner of Seacliff Recovery Center (1995-2003), Program Director/Start-up Consultant at Safe Harbor Treatment Center for Women (2003-2004) and Clinical Director/Start-up Consultant at Essence Treatment Center for Women (2005-2007).